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In Structs, players command an Alpha Base—a planetary mining operation designed to harness a planet’s native Alpha Ore—and a Fleet to protect the Alpha Base, or raid opposing Alpha Bases.

Your Alpha Base and your Fleet each consists of a unique array of Structs. Alpha Bases are composed of stationary planetary structures designed to process Alpha Ore, such as Mining Rigs and Refineries, and defensive Structs such as . Meanwhile, Fleets are composed of mobile attack units that can defend your operations or travel to enemy worlds for an attack.

As players mine and refine ore at their Alpha Bases, they are vulnerable to attack from enemy players, and if defending forces are defeated, Alpha Ore can be stolen. Players must decide whether to keep their fleets at home in a defensive posture, or deploy them to attack enemy worlds and potentially steal the enemy’s own Alpha Ore.

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Fleets & Attacks

Regular Unit Rules

Command Unit Rules

Fleet Units

Planetary Units