Computers are superior as a network and Structs are no different. Players are encouraged to find the Guild that’s the perfect fit for them, taking on the Cosmos as a unstoppable enterprise.

Coordinate within to recruit and support troops, protect sensitive Alpha refining operations, execute offensive attacks, and write history together throughout.

Guilds (a.k.a. Factions) are the foundation of the Struct’s universe. In addition the facilitating operation of the network. Guilds are player-based factions that make up the major powers of the galaxy and govern the game itself.

How Structs is Empowered by Guilds

Structs aims to revolutionize the gaming ecosystem by integrating proof-of-stake systems and validating networks to ensure a diverse and equitable distribution of assets at launch. Guilds in Structs are not merely groups within a game; they are dynamic entities capable of shaping the game's economy, social structure, and overall experience.

Guilds as Nodes of Decentralized Infrastructure

For Structs, the game is the infrastructure.

The Structs game has been engineered in a way that specifically couples gameplay with the operations of the network. Guilds operate Reactors which are the main power source of Structs, and are also synonymous to Proof of Stake (”PoS”) validators.

The Structs game is kept progressing and secure by the very community playing. It cannot be shutdown at the whim of a publisher’s bottom line.

Guilds as Pillars of Player Support

Guilds are empowered by the design of our custom-purpose blockchain to support players completely new to the ecosystem, helping them grow, contribute, and stay safe.

Starting from Zero

Players need nothing but their curiosity to begin playing in the Structs ecosystem. Structs prides itself in being the only decentralized gaming experience with none of the usual onboarding obstructions:

This frictionless onboarding experience is made possible by the framework provided to Guilds.

Familiar Services

Guilds can differentiate themselves in many ways, with how much support they offer their members a critical element. Those that want to go the distance can even offer levels of support that players are familiar with in web2 gaming - offering Guild-specific help guides, resolving account issues, and even going as far to offer recovery options.

In the same way that there are many unique service providers centred around decentralized systems, Guilds will have limitless options in how they operate.

Keeping a Watchful Eye

Guilds have access to open source tooling that allow them to reward good behaviour and protect critical interests on behalf of their troops.

Players can opt-in to automated defences hosted by their Guilds, keeping home planets safe and sound while attention is elsewhere.

Guilds as Engines of Growth

The Structs economy has been developed in a way that intentionally encourages team growth. The larger the number of players a Guild can grow to enlist and support, the greater threat their enterprise will be.

In the spirit of building a decentralized system, this design choice makes all Guilds their own marketers for the game as a whole. Each individual faction, or through working in alliances with others, developing strategies and material to bring interest to the Structs universe.

Structs is a decentralized experience, community, and system. Growth and marketing have been incorporated in the overall system design as critical components to the continued evolution of Structs.

Guilds as Guardians of Content Moderation