There are a number of player actions in the game that require a Proof of Work style hashing process to either discovery new and better in-game items, or to govern how two objects will interact with each other.

<aside> ⛔ This process is generally abstracted away from the player and the following information is irrelevant to them.


Basic Concept

For every hash (specifically SHA256) there are two critical elements we can use for gameplay, the initial input used for the hash process, and the resulting hash that's generated.


The use of intentionally formatted hash inputs allows us to enforce specifics which the hash is to represent. This gives us a number of important traits, including:


The resulting hash is then sliced and diced depending on the purpose, with the potential to extract:

Distributed Processing / Pooling

Hashing, or Proof of Work, provides a unique gameplay element that can be performed by players without any of the in-game resource Watt.

This gives players an opportunity to get involved through pooled hashing, with rewards ranging from praise, in-game objects, WATT, or other digital assets.

Why Distributed?

This will be especially helpful for mobile players who need to offload their processing needs and can choose to have their own remote hashing system, or can offer rewards to accomplish any necessary hashes within a specified time frame.