Structs take places in the Milky Way galaxy of the distant future, where the species of the galaxy are embroiled in a race for Alpha Matter, the rare and dangerous substance that fuels galactic civilization.

Players take command of Structs, a race of sentient machines, and must forge alliances, conquer enemies and expand their influence to control Alpha Matter and the fate of the galaxy.

The World of Structs

Structs are the units and structures created and controlled by the player through which they interact with the gameworld.

Alpha Matter is the in-game resource that players are competing for. Alpha provides the energy players must use to operate their Structs.

Guilds are the validators, operating the game network. Players must join guilds and stake their Alpha Matter through these validators in order to generate energy.

The Alpha Star Council is the governing body of the game, comprised of the game's guilds (i.e. validators).

1.0 Structs

Arriving on the galactic stage approximately one thousand years ago, Structs are a race of sentient, self-replicating machines. Represented by the Structs Conglomerate—a loose federation of self-organizing factions—their origins and culture remain relatively unknown to the galaxy at large, with the Conglomerate providing few historical records and rarely permitting visitors to Structs-controlled worlds.

As synthetic intelligences capable of simultaneously piloting any number of distinct hardware platforms, Structs are uniquely suited to the hazardous conditions of Alpha Matter mining. While other species have struggled with clumsy automated outposts, unpredictable rudimentary artificial intelligences, and unreliable remote operations prone to human error, Structs are able to establish efficient and largely risk-free Alpha bases, suffering the lowest recorded failure rate of any Alpha-capable species in known space.

This expertise has led Structs to become essential to galactic mining efforts, with most major species forming political and economic alliances with various factions within the Struct Conglomerate to acquire Alpha Matter. This has occasionally created conflicts within the Conglomerate itself, with factions competing to fulfill the needs of their allies or contracted clients—sometimes leading to raids and open conflict between rival operations.

2.0 Alpha Matter

Alpha Matter is a rare, highly energetic substance that is the foundation of modern galactic civilization. The unique properties of Alpha Matter have proven key to the establishment and growth of interstellar societies, making Alpha the most essential resource within the Milky Way.

Early space-faring species discovered that Alpha Matter has the unique ability to generate localized space-time distortions. When utilized within an FTL drive system, properly refined Alpha creates the Space Distortion Shell (SDS) that warps spacetime around the traveling vessel, permitting travel at many times the speed of light—without suffering the relativistic effects imposed on traditional drive systems as they approach light speed.

Additionally, scientists soon learned the Space Distortion Field (SDF) generated by Alpha Matter could be harnessed for power generation purposes, greatly outmatching other energy solutions. This discovery would eventually allow rapid colonization of newly discovered worlds, as even a small amount of Alpha Matter is capable of powering a planetary-scale civilization.

3.0 Factions

The galaxy is composed of various interstellar powers, themselves consisting of numerous member worlds or species. Some of these factions have organized as political alliances or nation-states, other as guilds or corporations with interests in essential resources, services, or industries. While numerous in form and function, only a handful of the most influential factions are elevated to the Alpha Systems Council.

4.0 Alpha Star Council

Created over four thousand years ago, the Alpha Star Council is a governmental body comprised of the major space-faring races within known space. Established shortly after the Meang - H'ong war, which saw both species obliterated by Alpha-based space distortion bombs, the Alpha Council's first act was to ban the development and use of Alpha-based weapons technology. Since then, the Council has become the de facto seat of government in the Milky Way, controlling the political and economic development of numerous species through the regulation of various Alpha-related activities.