Players must choose planets to mine for Alpha Matter, which is accomplished by building an Alpha Base on the planet’s surface. Each planet has unique features that dictates what planetary Structs can be built on it, and what Fleet units can be deployed on it.

Planet Cards

Completed planets are added to the player’s inventory of Planet Cards, representing each world controlled by the player. Each Planet Card is also an important resource that grants specific buffs or abilities.

Planetary Traits

As you’d expect in the universe, planets are in abundance in all different forms and fruitfulness. Each player only has one planet at a time, choose your next dwelling carefully to optimize for the planetary reward, resources, or pure style, you’re looking for.

Explore the cosmos for all there is to see, with countless unique combinations and limitless colour stylings the universe will not be a simple conquest.


The universe is as old as time and naturally planets have names following them from civilizations past and present.

Colour Palette

The combination of colours that will make up the landscape.