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Energy Supply Chain

Sharable Resources

Automated Incentives Balancing

The Structs economy offers a unique and engaging approach to blockchain gaming by leveraging an ephemeral energy resource that is easily shared among players. This design choice enhances gameplay, incentivizes cooperation, and encourages active participation within the game environment. Additionally, the game itself serves as its own infrastructure, further strengthening its innovative and self-contained ecosystem.

With the integration of the Cosmos IBC protocol, the Structs ecosystem benefits from seamless interoperability, opening up opportunities for collaboration and expansion. The proposed economy also addresses concerns such as security, inflation, and player progression by implementing automated incentives balancing and adaptable system attributes.

The combination of these innovative features paves the way for a new era of blockchain gaming that is both immersive and rewarding for its players, while also demonstrating the potential for game-based economies to contribute to the overall stability and security of their underlying platforms.

Economic Foundation

To encourage players to play, and to reward skill and determination in the Structs economy, several design considerations could be taken into account:

  1. The economy should be designed to reward players who are actively engaged in gameplay and contribute to the game's overall health.
  2. The economy should be designed to provide incentives for players to collaborate with one another and work towards shared goals.
  3. The economy should provide opportunities for players to specialize in certain areas of the game and be rewarded for their expertise.
  4. The economy should have a degree of unpredictability, to keep players engaged and prevent the game from becoming too predictable or stale.
  5. The economy should provide clear feedback mechanisms to help players understand how their actions are impacting the game, and to help them make more informed decisions.
  6. The economy should provide opportunities for players to learn and improve their skills over time, as they gain experience with the game's mechanics.

Overall, the economy should be designed with a focus on creating a balanced, engaging experience that rewards players for their effort and skill, while still providing a sense of challenge and excitement.

Additional Economic Requirements

Our desired economy has many ‘shoulds’ that govern the overall feel (as listed above) but there are also absolutes that must be met too.